Who & What


May we introduce ourselves . . .


The Elderberries are heard in pubs and on the streets in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We’re game to play.

For inquiries, email Elderberriesband@gmail.com .

The Elderberries are “fine lads,” or so some say, but that cannot be because, well, we’re not all lads.  We are all friends who met at the Starry Plough in Berkeley, united by our love of traditional Irish music and dance.  You can expect from us free and roving sets of several hours or more, comprising jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, aires, waltzes, slides, slip jigs, songs both rowdy and reverent, and dance both performed and led by Rebecca. We’re a reliable céilí band.

This is good-time music—perfect for weddings and other celebrations.

We are available as an amplified band, but we generate enough volume to fill a medium-sized room or cozy outdoor space with wild and wondrous fully-acoustic music (no cabaret license required!).

“We so appreciated you playing for Jill’s birthday, especially on such short notice and after an afternoon commitment. The Elderberries are awesome!  Everyone enjoyed your music and company so much. We’ve had lots of family parties over the years in that yard and many thought it was the best one yet. Your band added so much to the evening and absolutely made Jill’s night-a truly memorable 21st!”  

Your band was everyone’s favorite part of the day! You guys were fantastic! And those pictures in the street will be crazy! Thanks so much for being part of the day!” (after a wedding reception at the Irish Times in San Francisco)

“I thoroughly enjoyed hearing you and the Elderberries on Friday. What an absolute treat that was. You guys are stupendous. I loved having front-row access to your comraderie, musical mastery, and causal, harmonious spirit. I look forward to seeing you all many times in the future.” (after an evening at Schmidt’s Pub, Albany)

“Hey, I am impressed with the verve, energy, and sheer musicianship on your CD.  As you know, I listen to a lot of trad Gaelic, and The Elderberries compare well.” (comment about “Jam”)

“Thank you for helping us celebrate John in such a wonderful way with your music and flare. I will always remember you taking time for us.” (after a wake) 




Chris:     Whistles, Concertina, Scottish Smallpipes, Bones.






Rebecca:     Bodhran, Dance.     A true force of nature and seasoned dance instructor who has performed at the White House and Kennedy Center. With her strong drumming and mighty hardshoe dance, she brings on the excitement and good cheer.






Jason:     Bouzouki.     Elusive wizard (who’s slipped away to Oregon, thus becoming the first berry-in-absentia), band artist-in-residence, and keeper of tunes. His sharp and subtle wit compliment his even sharper style of play. He’ll be back from time to time…




Kevin:     Guitar, Hammered Dulcimer, Accordion, Mandolin.     A singer-songwriter in his own right, holder of the grimoire of music production and sound engineering, Kevin has been known to mesmerize many a crowd with his powerful vocals and nimble ways.









045Rufus:     Fiddle, Guitar.     Classically trained,  road-tested, and unapologetically enthusiastic.









_MG_0946Paul:     Mandolin, Lute, Harmonica.    Paul has moved on from the Elderberries to focus on his own, extensive songcraft, which he brings to the light of day at over 100 solo performances a year with singing, guitar, and mountain dulcimer. See Paul’s website at Traveller’s Row.






All of us sing, with Chris and Kevin doing most of the heavy lifting.

We have wide-ranging experience playing both together and individually in a variety of settings including restaurants, markets, and pubs—most notably the St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations at McNally’s, the East Bay’s oldest Irish bar. We have been regular contributors to the Sunday night sessions and the Monday night céilí at the Starry Plough for quite some time.

Thanks to John Slaymaker and Shadia Fayne Wood (shadiafayne.tumblr.com) for photos.


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