It just keeps getting better…


This was the third of the Elderberries’ annual St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, and it was stupendous — starting with our Friday céilí, then playing on the Saturday ferry en route to Fiddler’s Green in San Francisco, back to Alameda at the High Street Station Cafe, to Dublin on Sunday then back to 4th Street in Berkeley and with our allies at the Starry Plough that night (and back there again for the Monday céilí), then to McNally’s and Schmidt’s Pub on St. Paddy’s Day itself. This was just great in so many ways, but particularly because of the sweet enthusiasm that met us at every turn.

After last year’s completely enchanting finale at Pub, with irrepressible happy fabulous dancing busting out under the open sky, it seemed a bit much to expect a topper this time around. A great big time was delivered, though, and once again it was just completely charming.

Needless to say, we’re having a damn good time with this, and we’ll keep it going.

Thank you to all. See you soon.

en route to Pub


Paul, Rebecca, and Chris yuckin’ it up on the way to Pub.


A Fantastic Weekend…


A Fantastic Weekend...

(The Elderberries in The Vanagon, our newly-loaned schlupping vessel, heading to the weekend’s first event in SF)

We’d like to give a great big hearty “thank you!” to everyone that came out and celebrated with us this St. Pat’s. The weekend was wondrous, magical, jubilant, adventurous, other-glowing-descriptors, and even though we’re all exhausted with sore hands (and knees, says Rebecca), we can’t wait to do it again next year.

An extra-special thanks is due to everyone who hosted us, helped us acquire food, drink, or transport, came to dance hardshoe (Deirdre! You’re amazing!), sang along, or braved dance sets in the street. We’re only as good as our friends, and we certainly have some stellar material to work with.

We’ll probably be taking a break for the rest of the month, but we’ll be back in the studio and around at pubs in April, so keep an ear out for lilting melodies in the air as spring takes its full swing.

On another note, if anyone has any photos or videos from the weekend, we’d love for you to share them! Send us an email, or hit us on Facebook ( Thankee!

Wonderful Evening at Pub on Solano Ave.


Thank you to everyone who hung out with us for tonight’s rousing session. Thanks, too, to our gracious host.

Word has it . . .

. . . we’ll be back soon.

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Many thanks to John Slaymaker for the photo and support.